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Alegria Classic Clog Review

The Alegria Women’s Classic Clog adds a distinctive new touch to the footwear industry, and it is no secret why this classic model has become the talk of the town during conversations on comfortable and affordable footwear. The Alegria Clog is crafted with a combination of fashion, comfort and durability that makes it an ideal model of footwear, especially for people who are constantly on their feet.

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Classic examples of such people are nurses; they are always on the move, running from one patient to the other and throughout the entire ward. Not to mention, if it’s the case of Emergency or Intensive Care Unit nurses, the situation is even worse. Moving fast, sometimes when lives are at stake — having a shoe you can rely on is paramount. These clogs are always working hard for you, making them one of the best nursing shoes available today.

Alegria makes a number of clogs and shoes that stand up to any others on the market. Check out our list of top Alegria shoes, including this very own Classic Clog.

The Top Features of the Alegria Women’s Classic Clog

Design: So the big question is, what makes the infamous Alegria Clog so special? The truth is, there are a number of features that make this clog stand out among the competition. One of the first features that would catch the attention of any keen customer is the unique design of this footwear. Unlike others, the Alegria Clog is ergonomically designed to make wearing, walking and running a lot easier on the lower limbs. The sole is thick and serves to reduce the shock that is exerted on the heels with every step.

Added to this, the toe region arches upwards towards the front and helps to keep the toes slightly elevated and relaxed with motion. This particular design prevents the buildup of fatigue in the lower limbs following a hard day of work. It almost makes you feel as if you have not been to work!

Color: Unlike other boring footwear, the wonderful Alegria Clog spices up your life with colors. This brand supports a wide range of designs and colors to suit the taste of everyone. Most clients are into the frenzy of purchasing various colors and designs that matches their outfit. This means, for example, that nurses can purchase a white pair of Alegria Clogs for work and sport a Janis Blue pair with jeans for a special outing or occasion. In doing so, fashion and comfort is no longer limited to the work environment, but accompanies you wherever you go!

–> Check Out What Others Are Saying About the Alegria Women’s Classic Clog <–

g is its durability. After all, everyone desires a good pair of shoes that last, allowing your hard earned money to be spent elsewhere! Alegria brand shoes are designed with top quality premium leather that forms the body of the footwear. This leather is firmly attached to a thick, durable rubber sole with heavy duty stitches that run along the top and bottom of the seams. The rubber sole keeps you on your feet in a slippery environment, while the premium leather protects your feet from any spills or sharp instruments. This particular clog features an open–back style that facilitates ease of wearing and removal. Not to mention, the open – design, together with the leather body allow your feet to breathe.

Comfort: Comfort is perhaps one of the most important features to owners of the Alegria Clog. Most people will say with spending 8, 10, or 12 hours on your feet all day, remaining comfortable is an absolute must! The footbed of this footwear is lined with memory foam and cork that makes you feel as if you were walking on marshmallows. The price range will vary based on size and design, but you will almost certainly find more value for less with these Alegria Women’s Classic Clogs. They are truly a solution for the  daily stress on your feet!

Do yourself justice and check out the listing of clogs made by Alegria today. I promise you won’t be sorry when you get a glimpse of all the colorful designs!

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