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Best Alegria Nursing Shoes

Set the tone with high quality Alegria nursing shoes and walk with an extra bounce in your step during your next extended shift. Through vibrant colors and radiant designs, these nursing shoes from Alegria provide you with all the warmth and comfort you’ll need, making for a much more productive working environment. In fact, the deeper meaning of Alegria is ‘happiness’ and there’s no doubt this California based company ‘PG Lite’ comes through on that front. The key to finding the best shoes for nurses is by digging into the parts that make up the shoe. Let’s take a look.

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What to Expect From Each Alegria Nursing Shoe – Inside and Out

STYLE: Each nursing shoe made by Alegria is made with care and promise, and right off the bat you can tell by the enormous amount of offerings that they are much different than anything else on the market. With fun and dynamic colors that adds a spring to your step, Alegria brings out their hugely popular professional lineup to all nurses that are looking for a shoe that will last. The best Alegria nursing shoes and the ones highly recommended by nurses and doctors include the Alegria Debra, Alegria Donna, Alegria Classic clogs and their Alegria Professional selections. They’re just adorable to view and try on. From breathtaking finishes to creative artwork complete with the butterfly logo you’ve come to love, Alegria has all the aspects of an artistic shoe that that one would hope for. A color for every mood!

OUTSIDE: Alegria nursing shoes contain certain features that promote a healthy lifestyle. They have a rocker outsole design that offers amazing stability because it’s flat and stable, but also has the natural curve for normal walking motions that rolls forward with each new step to reduce pressure in the foot. This will allow for a healthy posture 100% of the time. It’s a natural cushion affect that helps pad each and every step you take. An Alegria owner will find less soreness not only in their feet, but across their entire body.

INSIDE: Each shoe also comes with a comfortable leather insole that provides support in many ways. The padded leather reduces the amount of moisture that builds up over a long shift. You have the ability to insert your own custom orthotic to give you added stability and cushion, but many wearers proclaim the shoe does a good enough job (if not better) than any insert they’ve worn in the past. Each shoe is anatomically correct to take on the normal shape of your foot for increased stability. Each shoe has a specially designed “footbed” system containing latex, Memory Foam, and cork to adhere to the contours of your foot. In essence, you’ll ultimately get your own customized fit to mold to your feet.

EXTRA: Each shoe has added depth to allow for a more comfortable fit, rather than tightening around the toes or sides of your foot. What you’ll find most prominently in Alegria nursing shoes is the outstanding sense of relaxation, a true mixtures of colors and textures, original leather, preventative measures put in place to assist aching feet, and the high quality construction to help owners walk in their normal gait.

Algeria nursing shoes are made from a combination of natural materials, including leather, cork, Memory Foam, and latex. Their shoes meet ASTM and SATRA standards for slip-resistance. It was most recently given an award as the “#1 shoe for people who work on their feet”, an true honor if you’re one of the thousands of nurses who understand what it’s like to stand all day.

RESPONSES: Common reviews from owners of Alegria nursing shoes include feeling less exhausted during the latter parts of their shift and an increased bounce in their step.

Here are a couple of my favorite Alegria Nursing Shoes, each coming in a variety of colors and designs, all in an effort to find the best shoes for nurses:

Alegria’s Women’s Debra Slip On

This popular line of shoe (Debra) has all one needs to perform their duties without being subject to painful feet. The Debra line features over a dozen options all with a convincing original design. This leather shoe measures 1.5” at the heel and the platform measures 1”.

—-> Click Here for Current Pricing and Reviews on the Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

You’ll have the all-day comfort with a lightweight rocker platform giving you that extra push, but also maintaining memory-foam cushioning to form to the curve of your foot. The sole is removable to add custom orthotics as necessary. The various options will give you plenty of outstanding choices for your next shift.

Alegria’s Women’s Paloma Flat

An instant standout, the Paloma Flat has a leather covered insole that enables your feet to breathe better, plus Memory foam to adhere to the natural contours of your foot. It also contains a footbed that is removable to allow to you add your custom orthotics. A Velcro strap adorns the top of the shoe, with adjustable settings for the perfect fit.

—-> Click Here for Current Pricing and Reviews on the Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

The rocking outsole gives you leeway and allows you to roll naturally from side to side without causing discomfort. This Mary Jane style shoe called Blue Patent has a knockout blue flower print that will help you stand out amongst the rest of your colleagues. This Alegria leather shoe measures 1.75” in heel and 1.25” platform height. It’s the perfect blend of style and substance for your long hours on the job.

Alegria’s Women’s Classic Clog

This snazzy classic clog is a great choice and their cork insole allows the Alegria nursing shoe to mold to your foot after a few outings. It makes for a very cushiony option, but also gives you the option to use your own orthotics like many of the other Alegria’s do. Many wearers report a better amount of support through the arch than any custom orthotic they’ve bought or received from their physician.

—-> Click Here for Current Pricing and Reviews on the Alegria Women’s Classic Clog

The Classic Snake clog contains a cloth-covered buckle that adds a level of boldness that will take your breath away. The rocker sole makes each step feel like you’re gliding. The shoe’s heel measures 1.5”, while the platform comes in at 1”.

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