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Best Cherokee Nursing Shoes

For years, Cherokee has been the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality nursing footwear and shoes for nurses in emergency room settings and a variety of other medical areas. Cherokee has made it a point to bring style, comfort, and consistency to their shoes – while also ensuring that their shoes are high enough quality so that nurses can wear them day in and day out. Developing some of the best shoes for nurses, Cherokee makes sure you can go handle all of your necessary duties and requirements without the footwear causing your problems you simply can’t afford to occur.

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Cherokee also provides a nice cross-section of different styles, selections, and colors to match nurses of various needs. No matter whether you are a physician’s assistant, a nurse working in a small private practice, or a nurse working the floor of the main emergency room at a major local hospital, Cherokee surely has something that can match your needs top to bottom with their high quality and selection of shoes.

The Comfort and Durability You Expect From Cherokee Nursing Shoes

Cherokee nursing shoes are made with the idea in mind that nurses are on their feet all day, every day. Knowing that, Cherokee works to provide comfort and consistency for nurses using their shoes, so that no nurse has to worry about whether or not they may injure their feet, legs, joints, or backs during usage. After all, since nurses are on their feet all day working hard for patients, it is important that comfort comes first to provide you with the consistency and piece of mind that you want in shoes for the job.

Simple, durable shoes are a hallmark of the Cherokee nursing shoes brand. Nurses will no longer need to worry whether their shoes will last weeks or months, as they can rely on a high quality pair of Cherokee brand shoes for a few years at a time before needing to switch out their products. It goes a long way for piece of mind to be able to relax and see to it that these shoes can get the job done for nurses, and are durable enough to ensure that they’ll be in it for the long haul no matter what.

Cherokee prides itself on not over-charging or making too complicated or complex a product for nurses and those in the medical industry. Nurses need to be straightforward and efficient in their daily jobs, and with that, need to be straightforward and efficient in the brand and style of shoes they choose. From cost to design, to use and execution, Cherokee nursing shoes match the work ethic, desires, and motives of the best nurses in the world with their simple, straightforward, and always effective approach.

Try on a pair of Cherokee nursing shoes today, and you’ll quickly realize what you’ve been missing if gone elsewhere for shoe brands. For those in the medical community, and nurses who are up and down and on their feet every day, there’s nothing better than a high quality pair of shoes that can truly give you what you need, no matter what the requirements of your job are.

I’ve begun to narrow down my top picks for nurses shoes by Cherokee, all in a singular effort to identify the best nursing shoes for the right price:

Cherokee Footwear Patricia Women’s Step In Shoe

Nurses are receiving plenty of compliments from this Patricia style brand that costs nearly half of its competitors. And you don’t lose comfort or durability in the process either. “Soft” is the optimal word here as the leather and padded collar is fluffy and easy on the feet.  It has a closed back design for a great fit.

—-> Click Here for Current Pricing and Reviews on the Cherokee Footwear PATRICIA Women’s Step In Shoe

The outsole is slip resistant and is truly lightweight, absorbing shock well with additional cushioning. This style is a step-in shoe that is quick and easy for all your long hours on the floor, moving back and forth hastily. Comes in dozens of different colors to please the toughest wearer.

Cherokee Poppy Women’s Step In

This is the ideal nursing shoe for someone who has a white shoe-only policy at work. It’s a trendy slip on shoe that has a fantastic combination of comfort and style. It’s not the old lady white shoes that they often get mistaken for. The toe box is spacious to help keep the pressure off your soles. It features a Velcro monk strap for an easy and fast fit. The insoles are extremely comfy but don’t allow your feet to settle in or compress into the sole.

—-> Click Here for Current Pricing and Reviews on the Cherokee POPPY Women’s Step In

Cherokee Footwear Women’s Robin Flats

Another Cherokee specialty — an all white slip on flat with completely breathable linings to avoid a sweating foot. Very lightweight material and ideal for an all-white shoe requirement.

—-> Click Here for Current Pricing and Reviews on the Cherokee Footwear Women’s Robin Flats

If you’re looking for other cool and comfortable nursing shoes, you can elect to browse our descriptions of the top Alegria and Birkenstock nursing shoes — excellent comparative shoes to give you more options.

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