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Best Dansko Nursing Shoes

Dansko nursing shoes are, par excellence, one of the most commonly purchased nursing shoes in the medical arena. Being able to purchase a reasonably affordable pair of nursing shoes that are built to last is the dream of  many nurses. Apart from the durability of Dansko’s, this model of footwear offers a series of other important features that makes it the perfect pair of shoes for the job.

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Imagine the daily stresses of constantly walking and running from one end of the ward to another. Like everything else, our bodies eventually succumb to fatigue due to wear and tear. This situation worsens even further if 12 hour shifts are done 5 times a week. Having the right footwear that can assist in preventing excess fatigue is the only option that can be adopted to prevent the onset of illness.

What You Can Expect From the Pair Of Dansko’s You Buy

Choosing the ideal pair of shoes for women makes a significant difference and this is exactly where nursing shoes from Dansko spring into action! This model of nursing shoes offers great foot/arch support so that the pressure build up, while standing or in motion, does not affect your feet. Instead this pressure is evenly distributed along the footbed of the shoes. Dansko shoes give a touch of professionalism to the nursing attire and create the ideal psychological state of mind for the working atmosphere.

These nursing shoes are known for being extremely comfortable. Adequate comfort while working in a harsh hospital environment can mark the difference between becoming grumpy and less productive and being the efficient and the approachable nurse that patients would admire. Dansko’s eventually mold to your feet and act like a “second skin” without the feeling of tightness or discomfort. They are designed with enough room for your feet, and this feature also makes provision for the flow of air throughout the footwear. Without this feature, as in the case of the other regular brands, your feet can become very sweaty and germs can accumulate on the inside of the shoes, leading to the development of foul shoe odor and worst of all – foot infection.

Dansko offers a wide range of designs from which to choose, including great clogs. Dansko nursing shoes are crafted from the top quality materials, including leather. The soles are slip resistant and so these shoes work just fine in adverse conditions, such as spills, wet floors and slippery tiles.  Price plays a big role in the case of this pair of shoes. Customers looking to purchase cheap nursing shoes can take full advantage of the wide and affordable price range.

Apart from regular users, Dankso shoes are currently worn by many people suffering from chronic feet illnesses. These patients consider this nursing shoe as a substitute for more expensive orthopedic shoes. Hundreds of satisfied customers could never be wrong! Dankso nursing shoes can make a significant difference in the way you approach your work day. Start on a good note today by choosing the nursing shoes that’s right for you.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what our top picks for nursing shoes made by Dansko:

Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

Time has told us that Dansko clogs are one of the top brands in the marketplace with gorgeous design and creativity leaving you not able to look away. But it’s not only the design that takes your breath away, but the comfort is second to none with all the features that you’ve come to love – spacious footbed, excellent arch support, shock absorbent, the comfy rocker sole, and a toe box that goes on forever.

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Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog

Some wearers swear by these Dankso’s due to their extreme comfort and the ability to help them endure long hard hours. Some said they’ve bought the Dansko Professional Box Leather clog three times in 10 years, thus revealing their durability. It’s top features are the unbeatable support and rocker bottom that Dansko is know for. For work areas that can be filled moisture or liquid, the box leather upper is ideal. The arch support must be noted with a contoured midsole sure to bring you much needed relief.

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Bot h of these listed Dansko clogs also make our list at the top Dankso clogs to own.

Dankso Women’s Elise Sneaker

A top rated, sporty, lace-up shoe that will keep your mind on your patients and off your feet. Just one look at these Elise’s and you’ll instantly know you’ll have that extra bounce to your step. They help achieve maximum breathability with openings on both sides of the shoe. The laces give you the option for a tight fit or a little loose, combined with a neoprent collar for the ultimate fit.  You’ll have nearly a dozen color combinations to choose from to give you the control you want. The outsole is slip resistant, giving you the extra security you long in a shoe.

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