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Best Dickies Nursing Shoes

Most people have way of organizing their closet that has their dress and casual clothes in one area and work clothes in another. It makes sense that you wouldn’t head off to work in your Sunday best, yet there is a brand of clothing that has blurred the lines between work and casual wear. Dickies was originally formed to deliver high quality clothing for the American workforce, but there are now almost as many people wearing Dickies shirts and pants off the clock as those at work. That said, the Dickies brand is still a great one for those that want quality clothing and footwear for work. One of the most popular selections are the Dickies nursing shoes that are rugged, comfortable, and incredibly affordable.

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A Brief History Of Dickies

The full name of the company is the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, and it was formed in 1922 when a pair of companies merged. They turned their attention at that time towards making quality apparel for the working man and women, even making military uniforms during World War II. It was the end of the war that signaled the real growth of the company, as they spread across the United States and even abroad. The Dickies brand is now incredibly popular across the globe, with their product offerings basically being all the clothing and accessories that the average worker would need to be comfortable while they work.

The Excitement Around Dickies Nursing Shoes

While the clothes that Dickies originally made where for laborers and oilmen, they pretty quickly realized that there was an even larger market out there. The same attention to detail that they put into creating quality work wear was turned to the healthcare industry in the form of scrubs and nursing shoes. It is now possible for a nurse to be dressed from head to foot in Dickies gear, which is actually a pretty sure sign that they will be comfortable on the job. This is essential when you understand the long hours nurses put in and how much time they spend on their feet. It is because of that latter detail that Dickies nursing shoes have become so popular.

Dickies have gone with the clog style for their nursing shoes, with a variety of different styles available. The ZigZag clog comes in a new modern design that more nurses are turning their eye too, as well as a few more brands that are a little more stylish. Despite the aesthetically pleasing look of the Dickies nursing shoe, they have been designed to be comfortable above all else. They also come with slip-resistant soles, which is an absolute must for nurses who spend so much time on the polished floors of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Best Dickies Nursing Shoes

Dickies has been THE name in quality work wear for decades now, which is why you can certainly trust any item that bears that iconic Dickies logo. Let’s take a quick peek at  a couple of the top Dickies brand shoes that nurses are making their way into hospitals wearing:

Dickies Footwear ZIGZAG Women’s Injected Clog

The pros of this clog is that it’s so lightweight and effortless to move around in. It has a backstrap allowing you to wear it up or in the back. They are made of rubber and come in a variety of sleek designs and colors. This Dickies nursing clog is on the front edge of what’s trendy into today’s nursing world. This clog is also washable and slip resistant.

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Dickies Footwear INTENSE Women’s Twin Gore Step In

This is a simple black leather slip on nursing shoe that has double goring in top line for a great fit for each person’s unique foot. It’s been revealed that each buyer considering this shoe should order a half size larger than they normally would. It is lightweight and ideal for a nurse setting. Washable and slip resistant as well.

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Dickies Medical Mens SRMEXAM Leather Step In

This is a simple step in shoe that helps you get your shoes on in the morning and never give them a second thought until they’re off in the evening. The run about a half size too big so keep that in mind when ordering. The uppers is made of leather that is soft and durable. The shoe can be washed to get any unwanted moisture or direct off of them. They are slip resistant and the heel height is approximately 1 inch. You’d be hard pressed to go wrong with this step in shoe, exclusively designed for people with long hours on the floor.

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