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Best Mens Nursing Shoes

When you think of male nurses, many people probably think of the hit movie Meet The Parents, where Ben Stiller played a male nurse who was tormented by his in-laws. A funny movie, for sure, but all comedy aside, male nurses play an important role in the health care industry and have just as many responsibilities and requirements as their female counterparts in working with doctors and surgeons. They are responsible for saving patient’s lives, nursing them back to health, and keeping hospitals and medical clinics in perfect working order.

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With that, it’s critical that male nurses are outfitted the right way for their work just as female nurses would be – from their training in school before becoming a full-time nurse, to seemingly little things down to their wardrobes and what these men wear to work.

Locating Mens Nursing Shoes That Will Give You Optimal Support

Wardrobe requirements for nurses may seem like a small issue (well, you know, besides the whole need for cleanliness and sterilization), but it’s actually critically important that male nurses are outfitted properly in order to complete their daily tasks in a professional and productive way. That goes especially serious for finding the best mens nursing shoes, and the comfort and durability requirements therein.

Nurses are on their feet all day!

Male or female, nurses are on their feet all day. Nurse shoes for men have to be durable enough and yet still comfortable to ensure that these nurses can get what they need out of their daily responsibilities without hurting their back, joints, or feet. Additionally, they have to be tough enough products to withstand the daily onslaught of work, stress, and long hours that nurses put in, whether in the clinic or the emergency room. Durability matters with nurses and their work clothes and shoes – and because of it, men’s nursing shoes have to meet the top line of requirements to pass the test in one of America’s most demanding jobs.

Different requirements than women

Men’s nursing shoes are, by nature, very different than those women wear. Sure, the durability and comfort requirements are similar, but men’s feet are different and their needs are unique. Because of that, it’s critical that nursing shoes for men are made with men in mind, from wider insoles to tougher and more durable shoe bottoms to make it so that men need not worry about whether their shoes are up to task and ready for the job at hand.

The Proof is in the pudding

Ultimately, the major judge of male nurse shoes is how they work under pressure, and what happens when they are worn on the hospital floor on in a medical clinic day in, and day out. The cream rises to the top, and just like top-notch male nurses, men’s nursing shoes that are made well and built to last will prove themselves day in and day out for the nurses in question and their unique and challenging job requirements. When it comes down to working with doctors, surgeons, and patients, male nurses need footwear they can trust and an understanding that they won’t need to worry about their shoes breaking down during a stressful day or time.

There are a few mens nursing shoes that standout as the best, in my opinion, at least. Let’s take a in-depth look at the top 4 that can be purchased right now, both recognized for their exceptional affordability and durability:

Sanita’s Mens Professional Cabrio Nursing Clog

What’s great about this professional mens nursing shoe made by Sanita is that it can be used for more than just work, but travel and evening wear as well. But the most obvious place to wear this outstanding nursing shoe is in the medical field due to its unyielding  comfort and top notch support.

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The instep has additional padding to keep you bouncing all day long, plus a protective heel cap to give you the extra support you need. The footbed creates a nice soft landing area for your foot and keeps moisture away. The heel is approximately 1 1/2 inches high. It’s skid resistant and has a spacious toe box.

K-Swiss Mens ST329 Nursing Shoe

This all-white male nursing shoe has nothing but comfort in mind. If you’re steadfast on the conditions that the next nursing shoe you buy needs to be the most comfortable shoe you’ve ever worn, this is your choice. It has a durable rubber outsole, and a wider heel section and forefoot for maximum comfort.

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The uppers are leather and synthetic, and it has a nice shock proof cushion to get maximum bounce and lift. This would make a nice addition to your current inventory or as the next new shoe for your nursing shift.

MOZO Mens Sharkz Hospital Nursing Shoe

A stylish, trendy nursing shoe for men that is one of the best and coolest on the market. Impress your colleagues with this synthetic, rubber soled shoe, that offers side ventilation and slip-resistant outsoles. You’ll find leather upper material and a gel insole to add the extra comfort you deserve.

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Dickies Medical Mens SRMEXAM Leather Step In Nursing Shoe

This is a simple step in shoe that helps you get your shoes on in the morning and never give them a second thought until they’re off in the evening. The run about a half size too big so keep that in mind when ordering. The uppers is made of leather that is soft and durable. The shoe can be washed to get any unwanted moisture or direct off of them. They are slip resistant and the heel height is approximately 1 inch. You’d be hard pressed to go wrong with this step in shoe, exclusively designed for people with long hours on the floor.

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