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Best Nursing Clogs

The nursing profession requires the use of shoes that would not giveaway under extreme working conditions and with constant use. This is one of the main reasons why manufacturers of footwear have developed and perfected nursing clogs for the hospital setting. Many people tend to confuse nursing clogs with other types of nursing shoes.

The Top Features of Nursing Clogs

Nursing clogs are a special type of footwear that provides comfort while guaranteeing adequate feet protection. Most of the nurse clogs are designed with an open back feature that allows easy and quick removal and fitting. They can come in the form of a quick slip-on shoe or one that is similar in design to a sandal. These features are also important for proper circulation of air within the footwear, without the danger of exposing the feet in a risky hospital environment. In addition, these nursing clogs are made from lightweight, durable materials that can withstand the demands of the hospital setting.

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Although these clogs are usually referred to as nursing clogs, it is important to note that they are also considered as medical clogs and are sometimes worn by the medical staff, especially during calls or night shifts. Special versions of medical clogs are often worn throughout the operating theatres. Nursing clogs are made from a wide range of materials: some are made from top quality leather, while others are made from lightweight synthetic materials.

The soles of these shoes are made from a durable and slip resistant material that makes these shoes very suitable for the adverse conditions, such as wet floors. Comfort is another big advantage, since these clogs are very spacious. This particular feature makes nursing clogs the ideal footwear for professionals who work for very long hours and for those who are always on the move.

Affordability is a big advantage since nursing clogs are relatively cheaper than other types of nursing shoes. This signifies that nurses can purchase a pair of clogs that would last a very long time, without overspending or breaking their budget. Of these nursing clogs, one of the brands that clearly stand out for its value and quality is Klogs. Klogs nursing shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a pair of long lasting, comfortable shoes at a reasonable price.

One in particular that receives the greatest hype is the Klogs USA Women’s NAPLES Clog, a fantastic slip on shoe that comes in a dozens of colors and varieties to sync up to your exact needs. They are made of leather with full grain leather upper, and a rubber sole. Many people mention the ‘WOW’ factor once spending a short amount of time in these shoes.

Klogs nursing shoes are also made from a vast range of treated leather and suede. The footbed of these clogs are made from latex-free materials that prevent the buildup of germs. This ensures that the feet remain dry and clean, with no chances of moisture or odor accumulation. In addition, Klogs nursing shoes are designed with a polyurethane platform that functions as an effective shock absorber. This reduces the stress of walking or running and maximizes the level of comfort. As with all clogs, this type is designed with a rounded toe box to ensure that no squeezing occurs.

Although nursing clogs were initially designed for medical professionals, many people take full advantage of these shoes. In fact, many customers who seek proper footwear due to their medical conditions or their job demands would usually purchase clogs instead of any other footwear. The main issue is that safety, comfort and durability should always be placed at the forefront of any decision to purchase footwear. Both women and men can own clogs, as a number of them are of the unisex variety.

Top Nursing Clogs on the Market

When given too many choices, people tend to be overloaded with too much information, leading them to a much tougher decision that it has to be. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the choices for the best nursing clogs to just three. You won’t be sorry with any of these options. Let’s take a look:

Crocs Women’s Mercy Clog

Have mercy on your feet and toes with this remarkable and spacious clog made by Crocs. It’s an ideal clog for inside and outside, working or running errands. It uses proprietary croslite material that softens, supports, and provides all day comfort. It has a non slip grip to keep you on your feet all day long, no spills, no slips. The Mercy clog is also as stylish as they come with a few different colors to choose from.

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Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog

Take a close look at this Celina nursing clog by Sanita, creators of comfortable and active shoes for over 100 years. They specialize in making shoes that will last and keep you floating on your feet all day long. These leather clogs have a spacious footbed allowing your foot to breathe and not suffer. They’re are slip resistant, anti static, and anti shock to avoid any issues throughout the day.

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Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

Time has told us that Dansko clogs are one of the top brands in the marketplace with gorgeous design and creativity leaving you not able to look away. But it’s not only the design that takes your breath away, but the comfort is second to none with all the features that you’ve come to love – spacious footbed, excellent arch support, shock absorbent, the comfy rocker sole, and a toe box that goes on forever. It also carries the Seal of Acceptance from the APM Association.

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