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Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Are you on the lookout for perfect shoes for long days on your feet? Do you wish there was a pair out there that is just aching to soothe your sore feet? Would you do anything to locate them? Fortunately, you are in luck, read on and I’ll show you.

Finding just the right nursing shoes for women is as important as obtaining the right uniform or attire for the job. Women’s nursing shoes are specially crafted to reduce the stress levels associated with long standing and walking periods. After all, nursing is perhaps one of the most hectic jobs on the planet. Nurses work in a very hazardous environment and must protect themselves adequately to prevent illnesses and accidents. When considering the details on the right pair of shoes, it is important to note that safety, durability and comfort play a very important role. If any of these three key elements are missing, the risk of unexpected accidents can increase significantly in the workplace.

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Durability, Safety and Comfort In Womens Nursing Shoes

Finding an ideal pair of shoes can be a lot easier if you follow the signs of durability, safety and comfort. These signs can be visible by inspecting the shoes in a store or by reading about its description on a trustworthy website.

Signs of durability of nursing shoes for women take into account the type of material used for manufacturing the same. Leather is by far one of the most durable materials on the market. Shoes that are crafted from premium leather are extremely durable and can withstand the daily demands of the workplace.

Safety is another issue that must be taken seriously. As we all know, the hospital setting is very hazardous due to the presence of aggressive germs as well as contaminated fluids and instruments. In general, nurses and other medical professionals are said to be exposed to a bio-hazardous environment. Footwear must protect against spills as well as sharp instruments. This means that if any fluid was to fall on a nurse’s shoes, it should in no way interact with the nurse’s feet. Likewise any sharp instruments on the floor or accidentally falling unto a nurse’s shoes should not pinch or cut the shoes’ material. Leather shoes are very safe shoes for nurses.

With regards to comfort, leather shoes are a good choice since they eventually mold to the shape of your feet. The use of polyurethane platform for shoes serves as a shock absorber that also promotes comfort.

Expectations From Nursing Shoes for Women

The history of nursing dates back to centuries ago, when the profession was strictly undertaken by women. Even today, there are still taboos and stereotypes surrounding the profession; in other words, male nurses are significantly less common as compared to female nurses. Nevertheless, manufacturing companies make nurses shoes for women, as well as for men. There are a few important differences between men and women’s nursing shoes that must be clearly taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Nursing shoes for women are usually smaller than those manufactured for men. With regards to the shoe width, women’s are usually narrower than those that are specially crafted for male nurses. The differences lie in the fact that males usually have larger and wider feet in comparison to females. Other special characteristics that differentiate them from that of men include accessories, such as the presence of flowers and bows on the body of the shoes: these nursing shoes are typically made for women.

Our Picks for the Best  Nursing Shoes for Women

With so many choices for nursing shoes, it’s hard to narrow down to just one or two that is right for you. Sometimes information overload can be a nuisance and that’s why we’re just going to list a handful that mean our strict requirements for durability, safety, and comfort. Let’s take a look:

Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

Time has told us that Dansko clogs are one of the top brands in the marketplace with gorgeous design and creativity leaving you not able to look away. But it’s not only the design that takes your breath away, but the comfort is second to none with all the features that you’ve come to love – spacious footbed, excellent arch support, shock absorbent, the comfy rocker sole, and a toe box that goes on forever.

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It also carries the Seal of Acceptance from the APM Association.

Skechers Womens Premium Sneaker

A popular and sporty premium sneaker made by Skechers with a hint of baby blue to give it a sparkling look. It’s an original pair that has been around for close to 10 years now — the reason why — it lasts and lasts and people continue to buy them because their durable.

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It contains all the protection you can ask for. Padded insole, smooth leather upper, laces, stitching accents and much more. You’ll always be in control and you’ll definitely enjoy how these feel on your feet.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

If you’re fashionable and looking to make a statement, this womens nursing shoe is right up your alley. They are so snazzy looking, they’re hard to describe until you see them in person. They are a subtle twist to the mary jane style you might be familiar with, plus you’ll be able to wear them all day at work, as well as out on the town without missing a beat.

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The support in this nursing shoe for women doesn’t exist in another shoe of this caliber. Anticipate elegant leather uppers with a hook and loop instep strap. These shoes come in a variety of pretty pastel colors you won’t want to miss.

Timberland Professional Women’s Renova Slip-On

This shoe was made specifically for the healthcare industry, giving the wearer the energy needed to spend 12 hours or longer on their feet. The Timberland Renova is an easy slip-on shoe that gives you no troubles. It contains a premium full-grain leather upper for the support you absolutely require. It’s stain resistant and has a footbed cover that is temperature regulated to help against odors. The heel-to-toe rocker sole makes any type of unusual position or stretching effortless.

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