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Best White Leather Nursing Shoes

The nursing profession is full of ups and downs, which require that nurses work tirelessly for long periods. Unlike other jobs, nurses spend most of their shift on their feet. This requires a great deal of patience and comfort to get the job done. For such a hectic work environment, special footwear has been developed; after all, without wearing the best shoes for nurses, the job can become a living nightmare!

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Why Nursing Shoes Made of Leather Are a Good Buy

Some of the best nursing shoes are made of premium quality leather. Leather nursing shoes carry a series of advantages over other models of footwear. First of all, leather is commonly known for its durability, and this is definitely a key feature of a good pair of nursing shoes. Leather nursing shoes are made to withstand constant pressure and movement and they would not giveaway under the tension of body weight and motion. Failure to purchase a good pair of nursing shoes carries numerous disadvantages that range from slips, falls and embarrassment to excessive spending on regular shoe replacement or repair.

Another important feature of leather nursing shoes is that the material molds perfectly around the feet and allows nurses to work as comfortable as possible, with no reason to change footwear during the shift. A very tight pair of shoes can change the mood of any nurse and can slow down the work pace significantly. With a good pair of leather nursing shoes, this problem is totally out of the question. In addition, Leather allows adequate airflow within the footwear and this helps to keep the feet dry and hygienic. Other materials, such as plastic and rubber, do not provide such important features and this can lead to the build –up of germs and feet infection. Leather nursing shoes provide more protection during spills. Unlike other materials, such as cloth, leather protects from the harmful effects of sharp objects and spills.

Traditionally, white leather nursing shoes have been worn by nurses throughout their career. These nursing shoes complement the white uniforms that are usually worn by nurses and they also convey a strong sense of cleanliness, peace and purity. Another big advantage of using white leather nursing shoes is the fact that cleaning and polishing them is a very straight–forward and an easy task to perform. Unlike other types, these shoes can be easily cleaned with the use of whitening agents, such as bleach, without the fear of weakening or spoiling any colored parts.

White leather nursing shoes brings out a touch of professionalism since they exhibit less fashion and portrays a sense of seriousness and responsibility towards work. In addition, these nursing shoes are very affordable and their price range is much lower in comparison to other types and colors of footwear. With such good ratings and benefits, it’s no secret why many nurses prefer them over others. Being able to invest in a good pair of footwear within a relatively affordable price range is a very rare opportunity. Yet, this is all possible thanks to the manufacturers of leather nursing shoes.

Let’s take a look at the top picks for leather nursing shoes in a white color:

Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog

Some wearers swear by these Dankso’s due to their extreme comfort and the ability to help them endure long hard hours. Some said they’ve bought the Dansko Professional Box Leather clog three times in 10 years, thus revealing their durability. It’s top features are the unbeatable support and rocker bottom that Dansko is know for. For work areas that can be filled moisture or liquid, the box leather upper is ideal. The arch support must be noted with a contoured midsole sure to bring you much needed relief.

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It is no surprise that white nursing shoes have been around for quite a while and will continue to be the footwear of choice for nurses today.

Cherokee Workwear Women’s Peacock Footwear Durable Leather Step-In Shoe

This Cherokee made shoe is a double-gored slip-on shoe that has a full-grain leather upper. It comes stoked with a jelly insole to give you cushion beyond what you would normally expect.

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The footbed is shaped ideally to contour to the size of your foot. With this Peacock white nursing shoe, you’re able to quickly move from side to side, up and back with solid and reinforced traction featuring cleats and lugs.

Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog

Take a close look at this Celina nursing clog by Sanita, creators of comfortable and active shoes for over 100 years. They specialize in making shoes that will last and keep you floating on your feet all day long. These leather clogs have a spacious footbed allowing your foot to breathe and not suffer.

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They’re are slip resistant, anti static, and anti shock to avoid any issues throughout the day. This is also our popular pick for one of the top white nursing shoes in the industry.

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer

These slip-resistant, rubber-soled leather Nurses shoes are a nurses dream. They conform to your feet so well its not your first instinct to take them off once you get home. They fight fatigue and keep you light as a feather.

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They have a nice professional appearance that many would expect from a nurse in the marketplace, often receiving compliments for their beauty and functionality. They are one of Nurse Mates most popular styles that will become your friend for life.

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